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Shubham Jain, Senior Vice President, Head – Infrastructure & Real Estate Platform, CredAvenue“The launch of Gati Shakti – National Master Plan comes at the right time when the nation is planning to channelise significant funding into building robust infrastructure. The coordination between various ministries can essentially help create a complementing transportation network across the country for both passenger and commercial usage. Until now, the lack of synchronisation has resulted in ministries developing projects that sometimes ended up competing against each other; thus, resulting in duplication of efforts and generating subdued returns on the capital deployed. This coordination amongst various ministries is also expected to expedite the inter-ministerial approval process, planned RoW acquisition, and consequently lead to faster completion of multi-modal projects. Once operational, the GIS platform will also be a useful tool for lenders/investors to monitor on-ground progress for their under-construction exposures regularly. Further, it will help the industry to arrive at informed capital investment decisions by looking at the connectivity network, infrastructure facilities and overall ecosystem present at the target locations.”


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