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Real Estate Experts on RBI Policy announcementReal Estate Experts on RBI Policy announcementCherag Ramakrishnan, Managing Director, CR Realty

“This approach is extremely productive and industry friendly. Specially the interest rate sensitive sectors like Realty will benefit immensely from not only all time low interest rates but also high levels of liquidity that the Central bank has allowed the banks to maintain.”

Kaushal Agarwal – Chairman, The Guardians Real Estate Advisory

“The RBI and especially the MPC are to be commended for maintaining an accommodative stance for the eight consecutive time now. Their approach towards tackling the economy amidst the pandemic has been one of the finest. The various policy reforms along with the all-time low housing loan rates have given the much-required fillip to sales activity in the last few quarters. The all-time low rates regime in the festive season will boost the housing demand and help the economy to get back to the pre-COVID levels.”


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