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Tenders worth over Rs 2.10 lakh cr issued in Q3/FY21Project Tendering gained pace in the second and third quarters of the fiscal 2020-21. Even in the lockdown affected first quarter of FY21, the country saw floatation of 5,910 project tenders. The numbers increased successively in the next two quarters. In the latest quarter ended December 2020, 11,897 project tenders were issued against 9,757 tenders issued in Q2/FY21, indicating a growth of 21.93 percent.

Similarly in terms of value, as against Rs 2,10,515.51 crore tenders issued in Q3/FY21, the Q2/FY21 saw issuance of tenders worthRs 1,81,103.24 crore, while in Q1/FY21 Rs 1,79,098.08 crore tenders were floated for various project-related works.

During the period (October-December 2020) an uptick was witnessed in mega-value tenders (Rs 1,000 crore and above). As many as 33 high-ticket tenders worth Rs 58,792.94 were issued in Q3/FY21, from just 17 tenders worth Rs 42,232.12 crore issued in Q2/FY21.


Government agencies, both Central as well as state, have always accounted for majority of the project tenders floated in India. Accounting for 79.47 percent,  state government agencies published 9,284 tenders worth Rs 1,15,383.68 crore during Q3/FY21 from 7,350 tenders worth Rs 91,951.09 crore issued in Q2/FY21.

On the other hand, the Central government issued 2,397 project tenders worth Rs 94,691.68 crore in Q3/FY21 and accounted for a share of 20.52 percent of the total tenders published. During Q2/FY21, 2,278 project tenders with a contract value of Rs 88,798.67 crore were issued.

Major Sectors

In the third quarter of this fiscal, a strong positive momentum was witnessedin the Services & Utilities (Infrastructure) and Irrigation sectors.

The Infrastructure segment, in terms of value, registered the highest growth of 31.29 percent on Q-o-Q basis. The sector saw 10,582 project tenders worth Rs 1,80,853.08 crore being floated as against 8,762 tenders worth Rs 1,37,749.97 crore issued in the previous quarter. The sector accounted for 85.91 percent of the total value of tenders floated during the quarter.

In this sector, three segments — Roadways, Other Community Services and Water Pipelines & Distribution — continued to remain as the frontrunners in both the quarters.

The Roadways sector which stood at the second position in Q2/FY21 moved ahead to grab the first spot in Q3/FY21. The sector issued 3,101 tenders worth Rs 96,575.19 crore in Q3/FY21. In the preceding quarter the sector had seen issuance of 2,069 tenders worth Rs 49,258.52 crore.

Two Central government-owned agencies – the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation (NHIDCL) were very active in tendering activity in Q3/FY21. In all, NHAI issued 187 tenders related to various highways works worth Rs 55,947.71 crore in Q3/FY21, while NHIDCL floated 88 tenders with work order valued at Rs 7,875.03 crore.

NHAI floated seven tenders for construction of four-lane greenfield Delhi-Amritsar-Katra Expressway in Punjab (Packages 6 to 12) on EPC mode under Bharatmala Pariyojana, worth Rs 8,170.06 crore.

Moreover, of the 33 mega-value tenders issued during Q3/FY21, 19 tenders were publishedin the Roadways sector and all of them were by NHAI. These tenders accounted for an aggregate value of Rs 27,228.74 crore.

The Other Community Services sector stood at the second position in Q3/FY21. As many as 2,574 tenders with a total value of Rs 16,969.73 crore were issued in Q3/FY21, as against 2,397 tenders worth Rs 14,229.43 crore floated in Q2/FY21.

A majority of these tenders were floated in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Odisha. The Public Works Department, Uttar Pradesh, issued 18 tenders worth Rs 1,190 crore for design, engineering, procurement and construction of Atal residential schools in different districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The Rail Vikas Nigam floated a tender for construction of the National Rail & Transportation Institute at Vadodara in Gujarat at a cost of Rs 800 crore.

The Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution sector, occupied the third position in both the quarters (Q2 and Q3/FY21). The sector saw issuance of 1,832 tenders worth Rs 22,206.72 crore in the third quarter of this fiscal as against 1,213 tenders worth Rs 22,093.22 crore in Q2/FY21.

The Public Health Engineering Department, Rajasthan, invited bids for construction of sources, rising main pipelines, clear water reservoirs (CWRs), pump houses, elevated surface water reservoirs (ESRs), internal village distribution pipeline and functional house tap connections (FHTC) including one year defect liability period of single village scheme (SVS) & multi-village scheme (MVSs) and thereafter O&M of works up to village boundary for five years for MVS, including preparation of DPR under Jal Jeevan Mission in the jurisdiction of PHED in different regions of Rajasthan with an aggregate value of Rs 7,230 crore.

Project tendering activities in the Railway sector saw a small increase in numbers in the third quarter. In all, 515 tenders worth Rs 9,223.43 crore were issued in Q3/FY21 as against 413 tenders worth Rs 23,532.7 crore were floated in Q2/FY21.

The North Central Railway invited bids for design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning (SETC) of 132/ 2×25 kV traction sub-station along with SP/SSPs between Ghaziabad-Deen Dayal Upadhyay in connection with raising of speed to 160 kmph/200 kmph on the existing new Delhi-Howrah Route in Uttar Pradesh. The value of the tender was Rs 614.5 crore.

Three mega value tenders were published in the Shipping Infrastructure sector during Q3/FY21. All three tenders were issued by the Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board for construction of two green-field ports at Ramayapatnamat (Rs 2,647.62) crore and at Bhavanapaduat (Rs 2,570.65) crore and fishing harbours at Juvvaladinne, Nizampatnam, Machilipatnam & Uppadaat a total cost of Rs 1,205.77 crore.

Accounting for 10.66 percent of the total tender value, the Irrigation sector witnessed 834 tenders worth Rs 22,444.08 crore being floated in Q3/FY21. When compared to the previous quarter, it indicated a positive growth of 68.90 percent in terms of value and a jump of 75.21 percent in terms of number of tenders. In Q2/FY21, the sector had issued 476 tenders worth Rs 13,288.64 crore.

The Irrigation & CAD Department, Andhra Pradesh, remained frontrunner while issuing high-cost tendering during the third quarter of this fiscal. The department, in all, published 67 tenders with an aggregate value pegged at Rs 16,613.87 crore. Six high value tenders were issued by the nodal agency during the quarter. These include:

  • Investigation and construction of lift schemes to lift water from Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi (GNSS) to Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanthi (HNSS) in Andhra Pradesh under EPC turnkey system worth Rs 4,373.93 crore.
  • Upgradation of Gandikota-CBR lifts & Gandikota to Paidipalem lifts, development of micro irrigation on Kunduriver near Jonnavaram village in YSR district worth Rs 4,039.97 crore.
  • Detailed investigation, formation of gravity canal from 3.150 km to 23.200 km of Babu Jagjjevan Ram Uttarandhra Sujala Sravanthi (Package-1, Phase-II) worth Rs 2,512.97 crore.
  • Widening of GNSS FFC from Owk reservoir to Gandikota reservoir, excavation and lining of additional tunnel and Yerraballi Lift Irrigation Scheme worth Rs 1,974.34 crore
  • Improvement to escape channel, Nippulavagu, Galeru river and Kundu river from 0.000 km to 189.200 km at Joladarasi in Kurnool district  worth Rs 1,769.16 crore.
  • Detailed investigation, formation of main canal from 40.000 km to 102.000 km of Babu Jagjeevan Ram Uttarandhra Sujala Sravanthi (Package-2, Phase-II) worth Rs 1,722.39 crore

The quantum of tenders in the Coal Mining sector registered an all-time high during Q1-Q2/FY21. In May 2020, the Union government opened coal mining to private players. Under this scheme, 41 coal blocks were earmarked for auctioning. The move was part of the Centre’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan.

However, when compared to both the preceding quarters, in terms of value, this trend declined in the third quarter of this fiscal. In all, 30 coal mining tenders with an aggregate value of Rs 3,850.71 crore were issued during Q3/FY21. The Q1/FY21 period witnessed 64 tenders with an aggregate value of Rs 18,503.85 crore while Q2/FY21 saw 36 tenders worth Rs 26,162.59 crore being issued.

The South Eastern Coalfields floated a mega value tender worth Rs 2,560 crore for development and operation of Durgapur OC in Raigarh Area, Mand-Raigarh coalfield in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh.

The Electricity sector saw issuance of 244 tenders worth Rs 2,305.84 crore in Q3/FY21 as against 261 tenders worth Rs 2,771.18 crore in Q2/FY21. The most notable tender was floated by the Gujarat State Electricity Corporation for design, engineering, construction of 140 MW solar photovoltaic grid connected power plant ranging at Charanka Solar Park worth Rs 560 crore. In all, in the Electricity sector, 18 tenders with an aggregate value of Rs 962.16 crore were published in the state of Gujarat.


Among the states, the top 10 – Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Odisha, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Assam – accounted for 63.28 percent of the total tenders announced across the country during Q3/FY21. Of the 11,897 tenders published, 7,529 tenders were issued by these states. In terms of value too, almost half of the tenders worth Rs 1.09 lakh crore were published by these 10 states in Q3/FY21.

In terms of numbers, Uttar Pradesh continued to remain frontrunner in both the quarters (Q2-Q3/FY21) with 1,020 tenders worth Rs 15,219.6 crore in Q2/FY21 and 1,080 tenders worth Rs 14,673.8 crore in Q3/FY21. In terms of value, Andhra Pradesh topped the table in Q3/FY21 with 407 project tenders worth Rs 33,331.3 crore.


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