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constructionAs per the latest information available till 31 March 2020, FY20 saw commissioning of 1,234 projects entailing a total projex (projects expenditure) of Rs 2,85,250 crore. The preceding fiscal had seen completion of 2,247 projects worth Rs 5,38,207 crore being commissioned. As the information on completion of projects comes with a time gap of around three to six months, the completion figures of FY20 would undergo an upward revision in coming months. Hence, year-on comparison at this point of time would not give the correct trend in projex completion.

Among major sectors, the Infrastructure sector saw fructification of 775 projects entailing a total investment of Rs 1,12,692.5 crore and accounted for around 39.5 percent of the total projex commissioned in FY20. Within the sectors, the Roadways, Real Estate, Railways sectors saw a good number of projects reaching their final milestone.

As per the latest information available till 31 March 2020, the Roadways sector saw completion of 253 projects with a total outlay of Rs 38,306.7 crore. In the Real Estate sector, 234 projects worth Rs 20,850.1 crore and in the Railways sector 21 projects worth Rs 13,389.4 crore were completed. Apart from this, Storage & Distribution, Power Distribution, Water Supply and Sewage Effluent Treatment segments saw sizeable commissioning of projects.

The Manufacturing sector reported completion of 348 projects worth Rs 68,711.2 crore. The sector saw completion of 57 Food and Agro projects, 37 Steel projects, 35 Automobiles projects, 29 Pharma projects, 10 Cement projects, etc. The Rs 15,000 crore steel project of JSW Steel was the largest manufacturing project completed in FY20. The steel capacity expansion project at Dolvi in Maharashtra was completed in February 2020.

The Mining sector saw commissioning of 13 projects worth Rs 35,995 crore. Of this, the largest one was that of ONGC. The oil exploration major commenced gas production from its block in the Krishna Godavari basin in the Bay of Bengal in March 2020.

The state-controlled Irrigation sector saw completion of 16 projects with a total outlay of Rs 7,660.6 crore. Of this, Rs 2,176.25 crore Konar Irrigation Project in Jharkhand and Rs 2,118.98 crore Bhima Irrigation Scheme in Maharashtra were notable ones.

Top five states accounted for around 50 percent of the total projex fructified in FY20. Of this, Maharashtra, the number one state in terms of total projects and projex, saw the highest number of projects completed. In all, 250 projects worth Rs 37,604.55 crore were completed in the state as per the information available till 31 March 2020. Uttar Pradesh saw completion of 175 projects worth Rs 29,233.71 crore. In Karnataka 101 projects worth Rs 29,079.15 crore; in Madhya Pradesh 86 projects valued at Rs 23,503.59 crore and in Gujarat 133 projects with an aggregate investment of Rs 22,767.4 crore.

Of the total 1,234 projects completed during FY20, 508 projects with a total projex of Rs 1,52,455.28 crore were owned by government agencies and the balance 726 projects worth Rs 1,32,794.31 crore were executed by private companies.


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