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G-RIDE_InfographyIn a move to improve railway connectivity in Gujarat, the state government and the Ministry of Railways inked a joint venture agreement on 17 August 2016 to form a company, the Gujarat Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation (G-Ride) which will develop railway projects in the state.

Following this, G-Ride was incorporated on 6 January 2017 with equity contribution of 51 percent and 49 percent from the government of Gujarat and the Ministry of Railways. The Board of Directors of G-Ride have identified eight potential rail projects to be implemented by forming project specific SPVs.

The first project to be taken up will be Katosan-Becharaji-Chanasma-Ranuj line MG to BG Gauge Conversion Project. The project will be developed in two phases with an aggregate value of Rs 584 crore.

The project also includes development of Vayor to Koteshwar New Line Connectivity, Bedi Port Last Mile Connectivity, Chhara Port Last Mile Connectivity, Nargol Port Last Mile Connectivity, Surat-Kudsad-New Sanjali Line and Gothangam-Panoli BG Railway Line.

Apart from this, a semi high-speed rail corridor will be constructed between Rajkot and Ahmedabad. The project is estimated to cost around Rs 11,300 crore. The speed of the train will be approximately 160 km per hour, and will cover the distance between Ahmedabad and Rajkot in two hours.


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