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A total of 29,577 project tenders at a value of Rs 8,37,585 crore were floated during FY18. The aggregate value of works proposed through tendering process recorded a jump of 13 percent when compared to 32,739 project tenders at a value of Rs 7,42,344 crore floated in FY17.

The increase in aggregate value of work witnessed during the period was mainly because of the Roadways sector, which rose by 32 percent to Rs 4,32,430 crore compared to Rs 3,27,008 crore in the corresponding period of FY17. However, the number of tenders floated during FY18 were 20 percent less than FY17. A total of 8,668 project tenders were floated during FY18 from 10,875 tenders floated in FY17.

In the Roadways sector the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has floated the most number of tenders during FY18. In total NHAI invited 937 project tenders worth Rs 1,78,077 crore.

However, the most notable tender in the Roadways sector during the period was floated by the Maharashtra State Road Devp Corpn (MSRDC) for construction of Versova-Bandra Sea Link in Maharashtra on EPC basis, worth Rs 5,516 crore.

The Real Estate sector has become the emerging sector during FY18. The tendering in the Real Estate sector has seen a rise throughout the year from Rs 37,992 crore in FY17 to Rs 79,138 crore in FY18.

Project tendering in the Power Distribution sector took a major dip from 3,161 project tenders worth Rs 75,389 crore floated in FY17 to 1,871 project tenders worth Rs 18,267 crore floated in FY18.

State dominance continued during the period, as the state government floated Rs 5,36,736 crore worth of tenders during FY18, an eight percent increase as compared to Rs 4,98,132 crore worth tender floated in FY17. During FY18, the largest tendering was seen in the state of Maharashtra. The state has topped the list with 3,812 project tenders worth Rs 1,92,929 crore, followed by the state of Karnataka with 2,922 project tenders worth Rs 60,418 crore.

However, in terms of numbers, project tendering by the Central government saw a downfall from 7,761 in FY17 to 7,455 in FY18. In value terms, it has shown a jump of over 23 percent from Rs 2,42,367 crore in FY17 to Rs 2,99,300 crore in FY18.

In all, 29,577 project tenders worth Rs 8.38 lakh crore were published during FY18. Among the floated tenders, 3,156 tenders were for providing various consultancy services. The period also witnessed 5,382 re-invitations, 7,383 date extensions and 306 cancellation notices.



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