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Over the past 17 years, the investment trend in India has seen a steady upward growth. The total project investment accelerated from Rs 15,69,996 crore from FY 2001 to Rs 1,12,50,314 crore in FY 2017.

The investment by both government and Private sectors grew at a steady rate during the period. The investment by the Government sector increased from Rs 7,97,144 crore to Rs 72,08,974 crore, while investment by private sector grew from Rs 7,72,852 crore to Rs 40,41,341 crore over the past 17 years.

The number of projects to be developed in the country also rose from 6,048 in FY 2001 to 61,032 in FY 2017. The project investment arena has been dominated by the Government sector for over one and half decade.

However, the investments by private entities are chugging at a steady pace over the years.

As of FY 2017, across various sectors, a total of 15,864 projects are under execution. A major chunk of these projects is under the Services & Utilities sector, followed by Manufacturing, Irrigation, Electricity and Mining.



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